Pandemic timestamp daily Trip/person Changes & %working from Home in the USA

By Seyed Farhad Razmyar E.I.T posted 12-16-2020 03:19 AM


Pandemic daily timestamp Trip/person Changes & %working from Home in the USA
I have created a timestamp that visualizes Trip/person and other important information including %of working from home employees. As indicated  %of working from home employees from 4.9% before pandemic to 33.7% now. A 28.8% increase means a 28.8% decrease in HB-W /Office trips which is a great deal. There are also other attractive metrics that you can explore Please share your ideas with me. 

The question: Is there any Correlation between Person/Trip and Spread of Covid-19 

Please express and share your thoughts with me and I am really grateful if you supply me with information and or form a group to work on this.

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