Once you are ready to begin your relationship, we recommend making use of these resources that will help you set goals, expectations, take notes, and provide feedback back to ITE on how your relationship is going:

Matson and Hammond Program Manual

Preparation Materials
This document will help the mentee gather thoughts in preparation for their mentor-mentee relationship. It will make the mentees needs, expectations, and goals clear prior to meeting their mentor by completing the self-evaluation, creating a vision, and setting goals. It is suggested to complete this prior to searching for a mentor as it will help establish the parameters by which you may filter for mentors on the electronic matching site. If this is not completed prior to matching, it should be completed prior to your first mentor/mentee meeting

This form lists the expectations and tips for mentors and mentees provided in the program outline in this document. It is formatted in the shape of an agreement and suggested that these tips and expectations be discussed in whole during the first mentor/mentee meeting. It should be modified as agreed upon by each party and signed at the beginning of the relationship to set the boundaries by which the relationship will be maintained.

Get to Know Each Other
This form provides mentors and mentees an easy way to get to know each other – like a bit of an “ice breaker”. This form is suggested to be completed by each party and sent to each other before the first meeting. It is suggested to use this as a starting point for discussion topics at the first meeting.

Mentoring Agreement
This form allows the mentor and mentee to establish goals, desires, and boundaries for the relationship. It is suggested to be discussed and filled out during the first meeting.

Meeting Log Sheet
This form allows the mentee to recap each meeting for future reference. It is suggested to review this form prior to a meeting in order to go into the meeting with topics of discussion. The form should then be filled out by the mentee at the end of each meeting and saved in a mentoring folder for future reference as-needed.

Mentor-Mentee Evaluation
This form allows the mentor and mentee to evaluate the state of their relationship periodically. For example, if the agreed upon relationship was one year, it is recommended to complete this quarterly or semi-annually. Each party should complete the form and send to each other for discussion in their next meeting. The feedback should be constructive and respectful. Discussion about the form should be professional with the intention of achieving an action plan for the relationship moving forward.

Matson & Hammond Program Evaluation
This form is intended to provide feedback to ITE about the ITE Matson and Hammond Mentoring Program. Please complete this evaluation any time after a mentoring relationship has been established. The goal is to evaluate the profile development, the matching service, and the mentor/mentee resources provided. ITE is committed to providing a beneficial program to all its members and will take the feedback received seriously into consideration during the maintenance and improvement of this program.