ITE Membership: Local + Regional + Global

By Mr. Jeffrey Paniati P.E posted 23 days ago

As part of the ONE ITE initiative and efforts to enhance the value of ITE membership, we have been strengthening the relationships among all parts of ITE. We recognize that being an ITE member means being connected to and receiving benefits from all levels of the organization—locally, regionally, and globally.

For most ITE members, involvement starts at the local level (Student Chapter, Chapter, or Section)—often this will be your strongest connection to ITE throughout your career. This is natural and expected. This is where your network is, where your community connections are, where the issues you are closest to are. This is where I started with ITE, as a member of the Washington, DC Section.

Through ONE ITE and in pursuit of a stronger organization, we have to strengthen our connections with our Chapters and Sections and provide better support and service. Our quarterly elected leadership calls allow us to share information with local leaders and to learn more about their needs. ITE’s Senior Membership Director Colleen Agan is regularly in touch with local ITE leaders and has established new services to reduce the administrative burden of local volunteers and provide better service from ITE International. We are exploring additional mechanisms, such as electronic dues-transfer, common website design and maintenance, and assistance with meeting topics/speakers. Our ability to support our Chapters and Sections is enhanced by improving consistency through ONE ITE.

At the District level, there is an opportunity to create regional connections that are key to sharing best practices and identifying new business opportunities. We have seen a resurgence of attendance at our District meetings with many reporting record levels in 2018 and 2019. Our District leaders and their local arrangements committees put together outstanding technical programs and our international leadership is now wellintegrated into these meetings. ITE International President Bruce Belmore, and either International Vice President Randy McCourt or International Vice President-Elect Alyssa Rodriquez will be at each of this year’s District Meetings. I will also attend many of these events. We will meet with the District Boards, Bruce will give an ITE 2019 update to the attendees, members can interact with leadership at the International ITE Town Hall session being held at each District meeting, and our Coordinating Council leadership can get member input on our new Mobility as a Service Institute Initiative.

At the international level we are working to give members a window into the world of ideas, people, and resources available from ITE. Through our various communication channels we are working to keep you abreast of the latest developments in our profession. Our technical councils and committees allow you to expand your network and to help shape new policies and practices. ITE’s vibrant e-Community is an essential member benefit and an easy way to find solutions from ITE members around the world. Our technical products and professional development offerings continue to grow and provide you with the wide variety of resources you need to be successful.

Recognized, relevant, connected, and value-added. This is what ITE membership is all about, and it only happens when we can be ONE ITE connected locally, regionally, and globally. Please email me at or connect with me on Twitter @JeffPaniatiITE.

This blog post is from the Director's Message in the May 2019 issue of the ITE Journal