TSM&O Council Advancing Innovative Practices and the Future of Operations

By Dr. Beverly Kuhn P.E posted 07-06-2017 01:58 PM


Transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) has emerged as the forward-thinking approach to addressing mobility and safety issues by capitalizing on the infrastructure investment through optimization.  ITE's TSM&O Council has as its mission to promote dialogue and innovation in deployment of transportation solutions that maximize the use of existing infrastructure to benefit society.  Its goal is to be a professional voice in marketing TSM&O so that it is viewed as equal in importance with project design and construction.

The TSM&O Council encourages the active participation of its members to advance the concept that TSM&O is of equal importance with the design and construction stages of transportation projects.  Active participation of members is encouraged through ongoing dialogue of innovation in deployment of multimodal transportation solutions that maximize the use of existing roadway infrastructure to benefit society. 

This Council spotlights best practices in TSM&O, and offers insight on marketing these TSM&O best practices for possible replication in member communities. The Council oversees the active participation of members in multiple projects and programs. Products and services are developed as necessary to advance the deployment of ITS and to improve operational efficiency of the multimodal roadway network. In addition, the Council manages activities associated with the development and marketing of information to assist those with responsibilities in the field of TSM&O. Transportation System Management and Operations is an emphasis area of the ITE International Board of Directors.

You may have spotted TSM&O Council Chair Eric Rensel on his recent national tour promoting Smart Communities.  Become part of this innovative Council and help chart the future of operations!

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07-28-2017 09:07 PM

Thanks for the shout out Beverly!  Hope to see everyone on Sunday afternoon from 1-3pm for the TSM&O Council Meeting.