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ATC 5301 Cabinet WG  

The ATC cabinet working group, operating under the direction of the ATC Joint Committee, will be holding working group meetings and teleconferences to complete this work. As this project unfolds, this web site will be updated with working drafts, user comments, meeting minutes, meeting agendas and other important information. Please abide by the ITE Antitrust Guidelines.

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ATC Community - ITS Standards Discussion  

ATC Community replaces ATC@LIST.ITE.ORG. The purpose of this community is to discuss issues related to ATC Controller, ATC API, ATC API Reference Implementation.

Please adhere to the Antitrust and Conflict of Interest Guidelines:
The Institute of Transportation Engineers is committed to compliance with antitrust laws and all meetings will be conducted in strict compliance with these antitrust guidelines. Further if an item comes up for which you have a conflict of interest, please declare that you have a conflict of interest on the matter and recuse yourself from action on that item.
The following discussions and/or exchanges of information by or among competitors concerning are prohibited:
- Prices, price changes, price quotations, pricing policies, discounts, payment terms, credit, allowances or terms or conditions of sale.
- Profits, profit margins or cost data.
- Market shares, sales territories or markets.
- The allocation of customer territories.
- Selection, rejection or termination of customers or suppliers.
- Restricting the territory or markets in which a company may sell services or products.
- Restricting the customers to whom a company may sell.
- Unreasonable restrictions on the development or use of technologies.
- Any matter which is inconsistent with the proposition that each company must exercise its independent business judgment in pricing its service or products, dealing with its customers and suppliers and choosing the markets in which it will compete.

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ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit  

A forum to share information related to the upcoming meeting and for those attending to network with each other ahead of the event.

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ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl  

At the ITE International Annual Meeting, a competition between ITE student member teams is conducted. It is known as the ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl Grand Championship. The objectives of the Collegiate Traffic Bowl are to encourage students to become more active members in ITE, to enhance their knowledge of the traffic/transportation engineering and planning profession and of the Institute itself, and to strengthen the programs of the ITE student chapters. This community group will serve to provide information regarding the ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl program.

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Roundabouts and Cyclist Safety  

A large proportion of crashes at roundabouts involve cyclists. For Victoria, Australia, the proportion of reported injury crashes is about 25%. (Source: VicRoads CrashStats 2005-2009). In Melbourne inner suburban local government areas, the proportion is about 50%. The purpose of this community is to explore designs and strategies to reduce this statistic.

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Transportation Demand Management (TDM)  

This community exists to foster research, share case studies and collaboration on the planning and evaluation of transportation demand management (TDM). TDM is any action or set of actions intended to influence the intensity, timing and spatial distribution of vehicle demand for the purpose of reducing the impact of traffic, managing parking needs, reducing greenhouse gasses, and enhancing mobility options

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