#ITENOLA2020 Leadership Series: Tracy Shandor, P.E., RSP2I

By Mr. Ransford McCourt P.E., PTOE posted 02-20-2020 03:55 PM


Tracy Shandor, P.E., RSP2I
, is a transportation engineer for Kimley-Horn and Associates in Atlanta, GA, USA.

I came to know Tracy through ITE Southern District Board where she was one of the Georgia Section representatives. Her energy and passion for the transportation profession is obvious upon meeting her. She has devoted significant time and organizational talent throughout her career to help students and young women become transportation professionals. Some of her notable accomplishments include organizing a large outreach event for 300 students at Georgia Tech, her involvement in Alpha Omega Epsilon STEM activities, her work with the ITE Illinois Section to promote the transportation engineering industry to students, and volunteering in engineering week/Future Cities competitions. She has an insatiable commitment for paying it forward.

Tracy is the kind of leader you love working with. She has a unique appreciation and self-awareness of the chance we have in our careers to help others and welcomes new opportunities to do so. Her ability to communicate with a wide range of people, share ideas, be efficient with not only her time, but that of others, while remaining energetic, professional, and altruistic is amazing for a young professional. It leaves people feeling proud to work with her.

ITE has been the beneficiary of Tracy’s leadership through her participation as president of the Illinois Section when she worked in the Chicago area. Recently she participated in LeadershipITE and returned to the Georgia Section serving as their section representative for the past two years. Now she chairs the ITE Transportation and Health working group. When you come to New Orleans, LA, USA in August for this year’s Annual Meeting, you can talk with Tracy about her love for music (having played in orchestras and jazz ensembles), being raised in an Army family, becoming engaged, or having won a Drum Corps Work Championship a few years back.