Summary of Speed Management Noteworthy Practices Workshops

By Niloo Parvinashtiani posted 11 days ago


The Institute of Transportation Engineers is assisting the Federal Highway Administration with the development of a new report Development of Speed Management Noteworthy Practices. The objective of this project is to identify, document, and promote noteworthy speed management practices carried out by state and local public transportation agencies in the United States. The noteworthy practices will cover all aspects of speed management, including engineering, enforcement, and education. As part of this project, ITE conducted three roundtable workshops along with several other outreach efforts to solicit potential noteworthy practices.  Each of the three workshops were facilitated by project technical leads, Shauna Hallmark and Neal Hawkins with support from ITE Staff. The content below provides a summary of each workshop including links to the presentations.


The first workshop was conducted on April 3, 2019, in Arlington, Virginia concurrently with the ITE Joint Southern and Mid-Colonial District Annual Meeting. The topics included agency speed management practices, policies, countermeasures, setting speed limits, and law enforcement. Featured speakers included Adam Greenstein – WSP and Eddie Reyes – Director at Prince William County Office of Public Safety. To learn more about this workshop, view the Arlington Workshop's proceeding report.


The second workshop was conducted on June 13, 2019, in an online webinar format. Similar to the Arlington workshop, information was shared on agency speed management practices and policies, advocacy, setting speed limits, law enforcement, and countermeasures. Featured speakers included Veronica Vanterpool - Deputy Director, National Vision Zero Network and Daniel G. Sharp - Chief of Police, Town of Oro Valley, Arizona. The participants were engaged during the webinar by participating in live polls, using chat pod, and post-webinar evaluation survey. To learn more about this workshop, view the Online Workshop's proceeding report.


The third workshop was conducted on July 21, 2019 in Austin, Texas during the Joint ITE International and Texas District 2019 Annual Meeting and Exhibit. Featured speakers included Brian Burk-Senior engineer with Travis County Public Works, Texas, Eric Miesse-Commander, City of Austin, Texas police department, and Randy McCourt-President, DKS Associates. Several issues were discussed around the need for outreach, lack of resources, need for collaborative approaches, data collection, and management issues. To learn more about this workshop, view the Austin Workshop's proceeding report.


Finally, to ensure that input was received from a diverse group of stakeholders, several outreach efforts were conducted. The activities included outreach/participation to relevant committees (ITE/AASHTO/TRB), partners (Vision Zero Network, GHSA, IIHS), ITE member outreach, and other interested parties. To learn more about this workshop, view the Outreach efforts report.


The Speed Management Noteworthy Practices Document is expected to be published in 2020. For any questions related to this project, please contact Niloo Parvinashtiani at