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New ITE Report: Recommended Design Guidelines to Accommodate Pedestrians and Bicycles at Interchanges

By Ms. Lisa Fontana Tierney P.E posted 04-01-2014 09:36 AM


The ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Council (PBC) has long recognized concerns regarding pedestrian and bicyclist safety at interchanges as a key barrier to increasing the walk and bike mode shares in our transportation networks. While some local and regional jurisdictions have already recommended practices on interchange designs that accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists, currently there is not a collection of best practices available in the United States or Canada.


In response, the PBC developed Recommended Design Guidelines to Accommodate Pedestrians and Bicycles to provide design guidelines for improving safety and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists at interchanges. The guidelines identify specific dimensions, safety features, signing, pavement markings, design geometries, and other treatments. These best practices are intended to provide insight into future updates of statewide or federal highway design manuals.


This report is published as an ITE proposed recommended practice. As such, it is to be considered in its proposed form, but is subject to change after receipt and consideration of suggestions received from those who have reviewed the report.


Readers are encouraged to submit their written suggestions for improving this report to Lisa Fontana Tierney, ITE Trac Engineering Senior Director, at 1627 Eye Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC, 20006 USA. Written suggestions should be received at the above address no later than May 31, 2014 to ensure consideration for incorporation into the final recommended practice report.


This publication will be available by mid-April. The report (Publ. No.: RP-039) may be purchased from the ITE Bookstore. To order, please visit ITE on the Web at