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Traffic Engineering Council Chair Fall Blog

By Mr. John Davis P.E., PTOE,TSOS,RSP1 posted 11-05-2014 05:37 PM


As the fall of the year commences, it is time for us to begin reflecting on what has been accomplished over the past months, and start planning for 2015. The objectives of the Traffic Engineering Council have been to:

  • Determine needs of council members.
  • Develop quality products in both technical and non-technical areas.

  • Communicate council products and other relevant information through reports, ITE Journal, conferences, newsletters, standards, special programs and speaker lists.

  • Create opportunities for council members to participate in ITE activities.

  • Coordinate council efforts with other programs within ITE.

  • Coordination and partner with AASHTO, ITS America, and other transportation professional organizations. 

  • Coordinate and communicate with each ITE District/Section.

In 2014, we sought to accomplish several action items to support these objectives. A major item was in the area of technical projects. We wanted to continue efforts to develop meaningful products in a timely fashion. At the beginning of the year, the Council had 12 project committees that were addressing topics in the traffic engineering practice. We wanted to continue to maintain the progress of each of these groups and review proposals to form additional groups to examine pertinent topics with a goal was to launch at least three new technical project groups in 2014. This year we have had several projects draw to a close and produce reports, but we have yet to reach our goal of new start-up projects.

What are the topics that are important to YOU? Maybe they are topics that you have sought out information and not found quite the depth or breadth of material that you addressed your need, or that you feel need a recommended practice or even a standard? Let us know what these topics are, and we will look to start a technical project committee to address your needs.

We need your help to identify the topics and products that should be considered for technical project work, the subject matter or issues that should be developed as sessions for upcoming meetings or webinars, or the activities the Traffic Engineering Council should sponsor or develop to help grow and enhance our profession.

Your suggestions and involvement help our profession grow and evolve. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or funny jokes, please feel free to drop me a line. I can be reached at Until the next time, be good. TTFN.

 - John Davis, Chair, ITE Traffic Engineering Council