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ITE Traffic Engineering Council at the International Annual Meeting in Seattle

By Mr. John Davis P.E., PTOE,TSOS,RSP1 posted 08-01-2014 09:33 PM


Greetings! As I am preparing for travel to the ITE International Annual Meeting in Seattle in about a week, I want to remind you of the discussion forum on Sunday, August 10th in the afternoon starting at 2:15 pm that the Traffic Engineering Council is sponsoring along with the Management & Operations/ITS Council in Issaquah Room of the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. The topic is Insights in Adaptive Traffic Signal Control. The general objective of this forum is to have a discussion geared towards the practitioner and their interests in the following topical areas for each adaptive traffic control system: selection decision process used prior to deployment; financial implications (costs and savings) realized; and the operational and maintenance experiences for the systems. The exact line of questioning will depend on the audience and the panelists. Our discussions will be moderated by Troy Peoples, with Stantec, who is our immediate past council chair and a past state traffic engineer for North Carolina DOT.  He has a ton of signal experiences.

The panelists and their subject adaptive system are listed below:

Fred Liang, City of Bellevue, Bellevue, WA, USA - Bellevue, Washington’s SCATS system

Gil Ramirez, Lassiter Transportation Group Inc., Melbourne, FL, USA - Brevard County, Florida’s SynchroGreen

Shaun Quayle, Kittelson & Associates Inc., Portland, OR, USA for Washington, Oregon’s InSync

Dick Beaubien, Beaubien Engineering, LLC, Troy, MI, USA - Troy, Michigan’s SCATS system

Joaquin Siques, City of Pasadena, Pasadena, CA, USA – Pasadena’s SCATS system

This forum promises to be informative and interesting as we seek to gain insights regarding the implementation, management, operation and maintenance of adaptive signal systems.

As you may or may not realize, this forum replaces the meeting of the executive committee for the Traffic Engineering Council that has taken place at each year’s International Annual Meeting. Instead of having a primarily administrative committee meeting at this time, we are attempting during this time slot to bring to the members of the traffic engineering council additional relevant and beneficial discussions at the Annual Meeting. Please let us know what you think about this idea, topics that you might want to see in the future, and how we can better serve your interests and needs for professional development and interaction.

The Traffic Engineering Council is also sponsoring or co-sponsoring several other sessions throughout the Annual Meeting. They are:

On Monday, August 11th, three sessions are being sponsored by the Roundabout Committee:  at 10:30 am, Roundabout Public Meeting; at 1: 30 pm, Roundabout Theatre-Real World Applications; and, at 4: 00 pm, Modern Roundabout Design Charrette. You will not have to move from room to room for these sessions as ALL of the Roundabout sessions will be in Washington State Convention & Trade Center - Room 611/612.

On Tuesday, August 12th, the SimCap Users Group is sponsoring a session at 10:30 am, Traffic Analysis Software Prg Studies & Comparisons-Sharing Analysis, Expertise, Knowledge & Results in Washington State Convention & Trade Center - Room 607, and then a general group meeting at 4:15 pm in Washington State Convention & Trade Center - Room 603.

On Wednesday, August 13th, the Grade Crossings Committee – TENC 102-02 is sponsoring a session at 8:30 am, Priority Control and Preemption with Transit and Rail in Washington State Convention & Trade Center - Room 607, and then the Council is co-sponsoring with the ITE Committee on Intelligent Traffic Signal Operations and TRB Traffic Signal Systems Committee, a session  at 10:15 am, Adaptive Signal Control - Cost Effectiveness and Operational Effectiveness in Washington State Convention & Trade Center - Room 608.

With that I look forwarded to meeting you in Seattle, if are able to attend, or hearing from you regarding your ideas for the Traffic Engineering Council. Be good. TTFN.

John Davis, Chair – ITE Traffic Engineering Council