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Topics Needed for 2014 Conference and Annual Meeting Sessions to be Sponsored by the Traffic Engineering Council

By Mr. John Davis P.E., PTOE,TSOS,RSP1 posted 08-09-2013 02:56 PM


Annually the Traffic Engineering Council submits proposals for technical session topics for the Institute’s Technical Conference, held in March, and the International Annual Meeting, held in August. For 2013, six proposals were submitted by the TENC with four being selected for the 2013 Technical Conference in San Diego, held in March 2013, and the recent 2013 International Annual Meeting in Boston. At the conference in San Diego, the Traffic engineering Council sponsored sessions on

“Innovations with the Highway Capacity Manual; Today and Tomorrow”, and “Implementation of the AASHTO Highway Safety Manual; Challenges and Lessons Learned.”


For the recent International Annual Meeting in Boston, the Council is sponsoring or co-sponsoring sessions on “SimCap: Signal Optimization Methods - Benefits vs. Costs”, and “The Traffic Study of the Future: Part 2.” Five additional sessions were developed for the ITE Annual Meeting by ITE staff and/or others that the Traffic Engineering Council or one of its subcommittees is sponsoring or co-sponsoring. The sessions were:


Session Name


Day and Time

Designing and Retrofitting Intersections for Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Sponsored with NCUTCD Signals Technical Committee

Monday, August 5
10:30 am

Optimizing Lane Widths: Does One Size Fit All?

Sponsored with Optimizing Lane Widths Task Force and Transportation Safety Council

Tuesday, August 6
8:00 am

Conversion to Modern Day Roundabouts Workshop

Sponsored by TENC Roundabout Committee

Wednesday, August 7
8:00 am

Pedestrian Issues and Safety Initiatives in Railroad Corridors

Sponsored by ITE Combined Grade Crossings Committee, TENC 102-02

Wednesday, August 7 10:15 am

Speeding - A Crosscutting Safety Issue

Sponsored withU.S. DOT-FHWA Office of Safety Technologies

Wednesday, August 7 10:15 am


Over the past several meetings ITE has sought to identify the most effective and efficient opportunities for council volunteers to play a role in shaping the ITE Technical Conference and Annual Meeting. Moving forward ITE Councils will be looked upon to provide strategic assistance in the identification of state of the practice needs, cross-cutting issues, hot topics and emerging trends from their technical and employer perspectives. If you have a suggestion for a session or workshop to be held at one of the 2014 meetings, ITE invites you to submit abstracts for papers to be considered for the ITE 2014 Technical Conference and Exhibit and/or the ITE 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibit. To submit an abstract go to or

ITE 2014 Technical Conference and Exhibit, Transportation’s Role in Building Vibrant Communities
March 9–12, 2014, Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, FL, USA

ITE 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibit, Expertise, Knowledge, Ideas
August 10–13, 2014, Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA, USA

If you have topics for sessions or workshops that you think the Traffic Engineering Council should sponsor, please send your suggestions to John Davis, TENC Annual Meeting/Conference Sessions Chair at


Abstract submissions must be completed by 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, August 30, 2013 for consideration.

Submitted by:

John Davis

TENC Annual Meeting/Conference Sessions Chair