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Traffic Engineering Council Technical Project Ideas

By Mr. John Davis P.E., PTOE,TSOS,RSP1 posted 10-11-2011 04:52 PM


What topics or issues have you recently been addressing, and have prompted you to say, "gosh, there should be an ITE informational report or maybe a recommended practice to help with this topic!" Well, even if you didn't say anything out loud, there is a way to bring your good topic ideas to light and address the needs of our profession!

The Traffic Engineering Council has several technical project committees that have been formed to develop products ranging from informational reports to recommended practices to standards. The topical areas vary from LED signals to sidewalk guidelines to speed management. The status of the current committees can be found on the ITE website at There are currently 16 different topics that are being explored, but we would like to have some new ones.
The members and chairs of these committees are all volunteers, have an interest in the topic and have a desire to expand and enhance our profession’s understanding and practices on the topic.

If you have suggestions on new topics to explore with the idea of preparing an informational report, recommended practice, or maybe some other product. Please let us know and also give thoughtful consideration to lending your time and talents towards a technical project committee either now or in the future. You do not need special expertise in a topic, but just a willingness to serve and contribute. These groups will conduct most of their business via e-mail or conference calls, and some will meet face to face at the ITE International Annual Meeting or the Technical Conference. It is a great way to get involved in the Institute and contribute to your profession.

If you have any suggestions for new topics or questions about current committees, please feel free to contact John Davis, Technical Projects Manager at

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04-19-2012 02:08 PM

I do not know whether ITE had a project to combine the studies or conduct further studies on elements that can be included/incorporate in future version of HCM, for instance - what is the practiced "Critical Gap/Headway" in urban areas?
Is there a way ITE can combine/gather the trip generation info (the studies that cannot be in the Trip Generation Manual, but can be used with caution in absence of any data) available in different areas, different agencies or companies?
Is there a way ITE can create a Traffic Engineering page to include basics of traffic engineering. (Different types of signal , difference of roundabout vs circle etc) which could be a part of the ITE website or could be part of wikipedia?