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2023 All-Member Survey

By Mr. Jeffrey Paniati P.E posted 14 days ago


Hopefully by now you have all received your ITE all-member survey that was sent via email on February 13. This is our first all-member survey since 2019. We are very interested to learn more about our members and your needs in a post-pandemic environment. The first goal of the survey is to learn what we are doing well and where there are opportunities to improve, particularly in the near term. Staff and our volunteer leaders will use the results to adjust or enhance the products and services we provide. Second, we want to inform ITE’s longer-term strategic direction. The International Board of Direction (IBOD) has formed a Strategic Planning Committee under the leadership of ITE Past President Alyssa Rodriguez, P.E., PTOE (F). This Committee is working on the development of the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, which is expected to be approved by the IBOD this fall. The survey results will inform their work and influence the future direction of ITE. The survey is designed to explore three areas:

  • Your experience with ITE. How have you engaged in ITE? What products and services have you utilized? How important are these products and services to you and how well have they met your needs?
  • Your perspective on the issues and opportunities facing our profession and our society. What topics are most relevant to you? What emerging issues should ITE be involved in?
  • Your perception of ITE. What are we doing well? What can we do better? 

In addition to sending the survey to all ITE members, we also sent it to a wide list of non-members. Individuals who have purchased ITE products, attended ITE professional
development offerings, or joined meetings at the International, District, or Section levels, but are not currently part of ITE’s Community of Transportation Professionals. While our
primary goal is to learn how we can better serve our current members, we also want to learn how we can be the transportation organization of choice for those that are not yet
members. While we will analyze the overall results, using the demographic information provided at the start of the survey, we will stratify the data in many different ways to get a
sense of how different segments of our membership or prospective members regard ITE.  While much of the survey is focus on ITE International, we will also be providing our Districts and Sections with insights on their activities.

If you have not yet received a survey, please check your spam filter. If you can’t locate it reach out to Stephen Byrd, ITE IT Director at If you received a survey but
haven’t found a chance to fill it out, or started and didn’t finish, I would ask you to please take the time to do so. Your views are very important to us. The survey is designed to be
completed in 15 minutes or less. There are also plenty of opportunities to spend more time and provide us with your insights and suggestions. The survey closes on March 10.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to vote! The ITE Vice Presidential election is open through noon ET on March 10. As with the survey, you should have received a email ballot.
If not, reach out to Stephen. We have two great candidates in Karen Aspelin, P.E., PTOE (F) and Gordon Meth, P.E., P.Eng., PTOE, PTP, RSP2I, T.E. (F). Please make your
voice heard. As always, reach me by email at or on the ITE e-Community..