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State of ITE 2022

By Mr. Jeffrey Paniati P.E posted 13 days ago

At the Opening Session of each ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition,I provide a “State of ITE” report. I wanted to take this opportunity to share the highlights of my presentation in New Orleans:

Membership Is Growing – Despite COVID-19, our membership continues to grow. We expect to exceed 16,500 members in 2022. If recent trends continue, we can reach 17,000 in 2023—which would be the highest membership in the more than 90-year history of ITE. Fueling our growth are new public agency members; the past year we added
Caltrans; New York State DOT; Kentucky Transportation Cabinet; Connecticut DOT; City of Atlanta, GA; City of Orange, CA; City of Victoria, BC and City of Richmond Hill, ON, both in Canada; St. Charles County, MO; and Douglas County, Castle Rock, CO.

Our Finances Are Strong – With strong fiscal leadership by the International Board of Direction (IBOD) and the ITE staff, we have built our financial reserves from 20
percent of our annual operating budget in 2016 to 100 percent at the end of 2021. This is the mid-point of the range (75 percent-125 percent) recommended for non-profits such
as ITE. With this improved financial strength we have been able to offer new member benefits in 2022, including free webinars and free membership for full-time students.

ONE ITE Is Paying Off – The considerable effort to create a more consistent member experience and organizational structure across our Districts, Sections, and Chapters is
resulting in more effective Districts and stronger Sections. The Districts are engaging a new group of young leaders and providing better support to our Sections, and our nearly 20 new Sections are improving the member experience at the local level, fueling ITE’s growth.

The Councils and Committees Are Producing – With a revamped Council Leadership Team and a new GAVE (Growth, Accountability, Value, Self-Esteem) culture,
our Councils and Committees are producing a wide range of products, including 17 webinars reaching more than 4,000 members so far this year. New products include:
Multimodal Transportation Impact Analysis Proposed Recommended Practice, Prohibition of Turns on Red at Signalized Intersections Informational Report, and the
Speed Reduction Techniques Proposed Recommended Practice, just to name a few.

Our Suite of Transportation Impacts Analysis (TIA) Products Continues to Expand – The Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition (2017) modernized ITE’s
signature resource with the move to urban person-based travel and a new TripGen app. Since then, content has been expanded and updated on a regular schedule, including
with the 11th Edition in 2021. Supporting resources include an Educator’s Guide, the TIA Certificate Course, a new Multimodal TIA Recommended Practice, and, most recently,
the TripGen11 API supporting integration with traffic analysis software.

These successes are thanks to strong leadership and strategic direction from the IBOD; tremendous volunteer leadership and support across our Districts, Sections, Chapters,
Student Chapters, Councils, and Committees; and strong support from the ITE staff. In 2022, we are focused on strengthening our Student Chapters and facilitating the
transition from student to young professional. Stay tuned for additional new products and services later this year. As always, you can reach me on the ITE e-Community or on
Twitter: @JeffPaniatiITE.