The Value of Locating Your Office in the Right Spot

By Frederick Tartt posted 11-03-2020 02:50 PM


When it comes to office spot, the real estate maxim of ‘location, location, location’ applies. If you do not set up your commercial space on the right site, it could be detrimental to your business. 

Positioning is one of the primary factors of business success. This includes how you place your product and service in the market, how you position your enterprise using marketing tools and campaigns, and your business’s address. 

Here are some reasons to think twice about where you locate your offices:


When money is tight, you need office space that is functional and affordable. Think about how much space you need and add a little extra for potential growth. If clients and suppliers are going to visit your office space, it needs to be attractive and exude an air of professionalism as this is vital to your reputation. 

This is the information a commercial estate agent needs, together with your proposed budget, to find the office space you need. 

Inform your commercial real estate agent if you do not want to be locked into a long-term lease, especially if you are unsure whether the office space you choose will work for your business in the long-term. provides its clients with flexible office rentals in DC, giving them various options that allow them to find a deal that works for them. You 

Target audience

If your company’s success relies heavily on physical customer foot traffic, you need to be where most of your customers are. If your business address is far away, prospective customers will stick to companies they know in the area. Even if your business address is local, but it is in an out of the way area or hard to find, you will struggle to convert prospects into paying clients. 

For businesses that rely on offline sales or in-person client support, location is even more important than those operating online. These companies need the right address in the right neighborhood for the best chance of success. It increases their brand visibility in an area, vital for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.


A supplier location could heavily influence decisions on office space. Getting quality goods at reasonable prices is essential for business success. However, none of that will matter if your suppliers are so far away that transport costs become prohibitive. Additionally, you run the risk of products arriving at your office late, which adversely affects customer service. 

A business does not need to be in the same immediate area as suppliers. However, set your offices up a manageable distance away that will not cause disruptions to your supply chain. Ensure that your offices are accessible for deliveries from suppliers.


Despite the rising number of telecommuters, many employees need to work at the office. Their needs should factor into your location decision. For example, how easy is it for them to commute there, especially if they use public transportation systems? Assess how much parking space there is for employees who drive to work to ensure it is safe and sufficient. 

Additionally, look at amenities around any preferred office location. Is there a gas station nearby if someone runs out of fuel or has a flat tire? Look at employees’ catering needs too. Are their coffee shops and cafes close enough for employees to frequent during their breaks? 

Such considerations are important to employees, and you need them to be happy to keep your business running. That means creating a pleasant office environment that employees want to go to and where they can fulfill their needs for food and beverages if necessary.

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