Great B2B Ideas to Give Small Businesses a Competitive Edge

By Frederick Tartt posted 08-25-2020 01:47 PM


Making your mark on the business world as a small business owner takes guts. On top of the massive competition faced in this environment, entrepreneurs face the obstacles of limited resources. Financial resources are always restricted but start-ups also demand loads of time. 

Massive energy and time inputs often mean spreading yourself thinly, making personal, financial and relationship sacrifices that can complicate this initiative. Take advantage of a variety of resources to ease the load, and which offer a greater personal and work balance.

Outsource writing services

Writing services are vital to promoting the online business entrepreneur. Unfortunately, writing blogs, newsletters, emails and other promotional material is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Writing business plans, operational processes and procedures require expertise that the entrepreneur doesn’t always have the time for, or the knowledge.

Outsource this function to professional freelance writers to free up time that can be spent on building the core business. Social media visibility builds brand recognition, along with press releases and other activities. While the business owner concentrates efforts on building the business, writers can build advertising material to increase business visibility.

Lead generation marketing strategy

OpGen Media recommends that you partner with a B2B demand generation agency to build leads that contain the strong potential to become valued customers. Employ the services of an agency that possesses insight into generating quality leads and scalable growth for B2B SaaS and tech companies, based on in-depth experience. Get a ‘demand engine’ planned and optimized to capture potential at each step of the sales process.

Gaps in the sales and marketing processes are identified for each step, and solutions are offered to address weaknesses. Marketing program management is implemented to track PPC, display and ABM supported by Intend Research. Pay for performance outcomes rather than empty promises with a system designed to promote business growth.

Appoint a business coach

Appointing a business coach may seem like a luxury but if resources are available, this is a valuable addition to business growth. Businesses coaches can quickly get up to speed on the ins and outs of your business. People’s knowledge, combined with business acumen, encompasses a powerful symbiosis that improves perspective.

Business coaches are more easily able to see human and business weaknesses because they distance themselves from the situation. Simultaneously, they can spot areas that need to be strengthened and strong areas that can be leveraged for greater gain. Overall, employing a business coach helps business owners to avoid repeating mistakes, learning from their valuable experience in the process.

Social media expert

Employing a social media expert to provide advice on business branding, personality and recognition is essential for building a customer base. It is also vital to building new markets together with employing lead generation marketing and advertising services.

Similar to the business coach, a social media expert or consultant can be used to enhance business growth by developing new strategies. Owners can use techniques to promote digital marketing efforts, target customers precisely to spread brand communications, and nurture brand awareness in an ongoing manner.

Research services

Research services can save business owners time and effort. Whether these services are needed to explore product or service market opportunities, customer target markets, or improve existing business processes and systems, they will save time and effort that most business owners don’t have to focus on in-depth improvements.

Case and field studies can be conducted in areas such as technological innovations, marketing advances, R&D and business automation.

All information is present to build a business but is useless if you are unaware of its existence or its potential to innovate. Competitors use every resource available to enhance their operations. Entrepreneurs should use every advantage to their benefit to devise a competitive edge to support business performance.