The Value of Followers and Their Engagement for Your Social Media Plan

By Frederick Tartt posted 30 days ago


Once you’ve created a successful social media marketing strategy, the hard work begins. You need to set up profiles on different platforms and start posting relevant, meaningful content to raise your online presence. This is not where it stops, however. It’s actually only where it starts.

Your social media plan needs to be attracting new followers, likes, shares, and comments to improve your organization’s visibility on each platform. While it might start slowly, each day should be bringing more activity from potential customers.

Why your following is so important 

There’s no point in having a lot to say on social media if there’s no one to hear it. This is where your followers come into play. 

When people like and follow you, their friends will see your content as well. If they comment on your posts, it shows up in their friends’ timelines. Better yet, when you tag followers in your posts, all their friends will get a notification from the social media platform.

Word of mouth marketing is still a vital concept in the digital world. The difference is that now word of mouth is created by who follows you. A user is more likely to like your page and start following it if someone they know does so.

How to boost your following

Use analytics tools to track how many people are liking, commenting on, sharing your posts, or following you online. Once you get started, you should see a steady growth rate. If that’s not happening, you might need to change your strategy.

By getting some help with boosting your social media presence from, you can spread the word about your company or product more effectively. More users will see your page, and this can only improve your chances of getting more likes.

Engaging with followers to build your presence

Helpwyz usage scores your pages and posts additional likes, which builds your following. However, an increased number of followers is not enough if you want to make your strategy successful. That is a passive approach that many companies have taken, and it has proven detrimental to their longevity.

Responsiveness to your followers is another vital aspect of driving your social media presence even higher. 

Even though social media is a virtual world, and you’re not likely to run into many of your followers at the local supermarket, social media users want to feel a personal touch. They want to get to know the name behind the face and the person behind the brand. 

How to take advantage of engagement with followers

The easiest way to accomplish this is by engaging with their comments, liking, and following their pages. The primary types of feedback you receive are queries and customer service issues. 

If you are not responsive to either, people will move away from your page and go in search of someone who is responsive and is offering the same product or service.

This doesn’t mean that you have to answer every comment. But show that you’re willing to interact with followers by replying to their comments.

Avoid stagnancy

Old posts and irrelevant content are not going to keep your social media following growing. It will plateau unless you keep on giving users new reasons to interact with it.

Stagnant social media accounts that don’t have regular new posts lose visibility and eventually become redundant. Schedule posts at set intervals and make sure you have quality content on offer. Your posts should not be all about selling your product. Some should include information, the latest industry trends, or a prompt to start a discussion.

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