ITE Smart Communities Task Force Announces Partnership with NTIA, Tweet Chat Scheduled for November 30

By Mr. Eric Rensel posted 11-21-2017 01:18 PM


On November 30, 2017 at 3pm eastern the ITE Smart Communities Task Force will conduct a tweet chat.  All ITE members are encouraged to participate.  Michelle Birdsall, ITE Journal Senior Editor will moderate a dialog led by invited guests ITE Associate Executive Director Jeff Lindley, Coordinating Council Chair Beverly Kuhn, Smart Communities Task Force Chair Kris Milster, and me!

Here are the planned questions for the session:

·         @JeffLindleyITE, why is #smartcommunities important to @itehq?

·         @JeffLindleyITE, why the use of the term #smartcommunities instead of #smartcities?

·         @JeffLindleyITE, how does a focus on #smartcommunities affect technical program delivery @itehq?

·         @ITE_CoCo, why is #smartcommunities a good focus area for @ITEHQ Councils?

·         @erensel and @drivinwmagellan, what are you helping @ITEHQ do about #smartcommunities?

·         @JeffLindleyITE, how have @ITE_CoCo #smartcommunities impacted the energy levels for @ITEHQ groups you’ve interacted with?

·         @drivinwmaggellan, what made you decide to bring #smartcommunities to the attention of @ITEHQ through the TSM&O Council?

·         So what’s next for #smartcommunities @itehq &@ITE_Co_Co?


As I discussed in my last blog, this is an exciting time to be part of the smart communities movement and a fantastic time to leverage your ITE membership to participate. 

I’m also excited to announce a partnership between the Smart Communities Task Force and the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA).  In the second part of 2017 ITE leadership have had discussions with Ms. Jean Rice, Senior Program Specialist for Broadband.  NTIA is doing fantastic work that looks at the role broadband development plays in the development of smart communities.

Look for more collaboration announcements from NTIA and ITE in the near future.  In the meantime here are some links to smart communities resources from NTIA.

Planning a Community Broadband Roadman: A toolkit for Local and Tribal Governments

The power of Broadband Partnerships: Toolkit for Local and Tribal Governments

Using Partnerships to Power a Smart City: A Toolkit for Local and tribal governments

Implementing a Broadband Network Vision: Toolkit for Local and Tribal Governments

Sustaining Broadband Networks: A guide for Local and Tribal Governments

Guide to Federal Funding