Sustainability Standing Committee Focused on Furthering Awareness of Sustainable Transportation Systems

By Dr. Beverly Kuhn P.E posted 10-23-2017 04:39 PM


One of the biggest challenges we face as transportation professionals is ensuring the sustainability of the transportation network.  But what does that mean?  How does it impact our jobs?  What should we do about it?  The ITE Sustainability Standing Committee has answers.  In general, the idea of sustainability is to meet the current needs of society without compromising future generations.  In short - we make sure there is a world for our children to inherit! 

Related to livability, sustainability incorporates three primary themes of equity, ecology, and economy.  Decisions made by transportation professionals can have a significant impact on sustainability.   In response to the sustainability challenge, the ITE Sustainability Standing Committee has as its mission statement to “Facilitate transportation solutions that incorporate economic, social, and environmental sustainability as span the range of ITE member interests.”  Its emphasis is to promote transportation projects and programs that consider sustainability. 

The Sustainability Standing Committee is a cross-council effort that promotes the development and communication of sustainable transportation solutions.  The Committee undertakes the following: 

  • Provides recommendations to the ITE Board, Coordinating Council, and staff on ITE activities and programs in fostering surface transportation solutions that are sustainable from economic, social, and environmental perspectives;
  • Identifies and champions activities and projects that should be undertaken by one or more Councils to further the definition, evaluation, and professional awareness of sustainable transportation systems; and
  • Monitors Council activities and projects in these areas and foster the sharing of information among Councils.

 The Committee is currently working on projects regarding: sustainable traffic signal systems; mobility hubs, an on-line database of good practice in sustainable transportation, and others. You can follow Sustainable ITE on their Community, on Twitter @SustITE and learn more about their innovative activities.  Better yet, volunteer to help out!