Transportation Planning Council Envisions a Future for Transportation Systems

By Dr. Beverly Kuhn P.E posted 10-10-2017 03:30 PM


The Transportation Planning Council (TPC) sees the future of transportation systems as multi-modal networks that are sustainable and are prepared to handle the changing needs of system users.  Interested? Are you passionate about transportation planning?  Do you have some great ideas about what your peers need to help them with their planning responsibilities?  If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then the TPC is a great opportunity to serve your profession.

The TPC is ITE's technical council that covers the planning of transportation facilities and systems for people and goods, assessing land-use impacts, surveying travel and transportation systems, forecasting transportation needs, and analyzing and evaluating transportation programs.  One of the larger ITE Technical Councils with over 1,800 members, the TPC undertakes a broad range of activities that address these topics, including technical products, newsletters, seminars, training, and technical sessions.    Recent topics showcased at the Annual Meeting in Toronto include operations and management, corridor planning methods, and transportation planning models.  Additionally, the TPC is responsible for the Transportation Planning Handbook.

The TPC has two standing committees under its purview:  the Parking Standing Committee and the Sustainability Standing Committee.  Both of these committees undertake activities specific to these narrower topics and are always looking for new members.  Membership is open to all members of ITE.  The TPC also helped develop the Professional Transportation Planner™ (PTP) certification program to provide members with what is current in the field of transportation planning.  The certification program is designed for candidates who have a wide-range of education and experience in transportation planning. Currently, no other certification program is offered that specifically addresses the work performed by transportation planners. 

If the TPC sounds like a great opportunity for you to get your feet wet in ITE, then dive into the pool.  Jennifer Pangborn with WSP is the Council Chair, and she will make sure you find a place on the TPC relay team!