Findings and Recommendations of House Special Panel on Public-Private Partnerships

By Ms. Aliyah Horton CAE posted 10-07-2014 02:23 PM


The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s bipartisan special P3 Panel released its final report. The report provides recommendations on how to balance the needs of the public and private sector when financing infrastructure.

The role of the panel was to identify:

·         the role such partnerships play in the development and delivery of transportation and infrastructure projects;

·         whether public-private partnerships enhance the delivery and management of infrastructure projects beyond the capabilities of government agencies or the private sector acting independently; and

·         how to balance the needs of the public and private sectors when identifying, developing, and implementing public-private partnership projects 

The panel provided three major recommendations that focus on:
1) improving public sector capacity;
2) breaking down barriers to consideration; and
3) ensuring transparency and accountability.

The full recommendations and report can be found at

It is expected that the panel’s recommendations will be used as a resource during the development of the next surface transportation bill.