Video Now Available-Positioning for Success in Challenging Times - What's a Professional to Do?

By Ms. Aliyah Horton CAE posted 10-03-2012 11:21 AM


Did you miss the closing plenary session, “Positioning for Success in Challenging Times - What's a Professional to Do?,” at the 2012 ITE Annual Meeting Exhibit in Atlanta, GA? Or are you looking for a refresher on some of the key points discussed? ITE has posted video vignettes from the session on its YouTube channel at In the session,  panelists shared perspectives on skills employers are looking for and the investments individuals and organizations should make to ensure success in today's competitive work environment. The candid discussion provided seeds for reflection and action. Be sure to watch 1- Leading Organizations in Times of Change first. It is the opening of the session and sets the tone for the overall discussion. It's embedded at the end of this blog. See the other topics listed below.

At the conclusion of the session, there was the start of a discussion/debate about work life balance. How it is defined and perceived by employers and employees. Would you like to see this topic further discussed at a 2013 Annual Meeting and Exhibit plenary session? If so, the discussion should be framed to meet your needs. Please share the issues you would like to see addressed including, questions, successes and challenges in addressing work-life balance in the comment section of this blog or by email to 

Positioning for Success in Challenging Times - What's a Professional to Do? 
Robert Wunderlich, Research Engineer and Acting Director of the Center for Transportation Safety, Texas Transportation Institute, College Station, TX, USA

Marsha Anderson Bomar,  Senior Principal - Practice Leader, Stantec, Duluth, GA, USA
Timothy Harpst, Senior Traffic Engineer, Horrocks Engineers, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Michael Sanderson, President/CEO, Sanderson Stewart, Billings, MT, USA

1- Leading Organizations in Times of Change
2 - Bring Value to Your Organization
3 - The Right Fit
4 - Earn the Job
5 - Responsibility of Managers
6 - How do you Lower Staff Attrition in Challenging Times
7 - Impact of the Economy on Resumes
8 - Be Honest with Employees
9 - Be Ready to Make a Move
10 - Find your Organizational and Technical Niche
11 - Build Relationships
12 - How to Bring High Performers to the Public Sector
13 - Feed the Workforce Pipeline
14 - Adapt and Be Ready for Change
15 - Work Life Balance

Here's the first one to get you started. View them all here.