FTR Transportation Conference 2016 - Freight Forecasting

Starts:  Sep 13, 2016 3:00 PM (ET)
Ends:  Sep 15, 2016 4:30 PM (ET)

This year’s conference will deliver even more focused content via four content channels over two days. After initial, stage setting sessions on the State of Freight (overall economy and freight environment) the morning of day one, concurrent sessions begin. These content channels include: Shippers, Carriers & Brokers, Truck & Trailer Equipment, and Rail Equipment.

State of Freight Content Channel

These sessions provide information and analysis by the industry’s best and brightest experts on the North American freight market. Understand the relationship between the economy and freight movement by all modes, giving you a clearer view of the entire industry. You will leave understanding the framework of a complex freight environment, including regulations, service issues, and its connection to the analysis you need to support your own internal forecasting and planning.

Shippers, Brokers, & Carriers Content Channel

This content channel will help you utilize different facts in the marketplace and forecast out metrics that are important to your business. Enhance your skills to forecast demand, manage capacity, and cope with seasonality swings. Leave the conference better understanding processes for managing and collaborating the relationship between shippers, brokers, and carriers, and explore various freight solutions for addressing key issues that are important today.

Truck & Trailer Equipment Content Channel

This content channel will focus on truck and trailer forecasting for new and used equipment, giving you a complete picture about future demand. Experts will cover hot topic items including the regulatory environment and its effect on the equipment market. Receive different perspectives from manufacturers, fleets, and suppliers and obtain an industry sentiment report on what’s happening in North American freight markets. Find commercial vehicle solutions with clear and hard-hitting analysis from thought leaders and expert panels.

Rail Equipment Content Channel

This content channel will focus on freight factors impacting the rail markets and the key industries affecting rail equipment. These sessions will cover hot topics like government regulations, crude, and non-crude portions of the market. Learn how shipper’s perspectives are driving freight decisions, and how these dynamics are impacting freight equipment. Gain deep insight into forecasting and current conditions through multiple rail experts and interactive sessions. 



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