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What Does it Take to be a Hero?

By Mr. Richard Beaubien P.E., PTOE posted 04-14-2013 03:01 PM

At Michigan's Traffic Safety Summit in March 2013, the keynote speaker was a Sheriff from Genesee County, and his topic was ethics.  He started with a story of a man on an airplane about to crash, and in those moments just before he thought he was going to die, he asked himself, "Did I become the man I was meant to be?"  He suggested that we keep that thought in mind as we make the decisions of our daily lives.  He thought that heroes are not always the one who save others from a violent death but also the ones who make those everyday decisions to "do the right thing".

He said that heroes are not born; they are made.  In trying to do the right thing, some of life's lessons are:

It's not going to be fair
Expect obstacles
It's never going to be easy
You are going to play hurt
Leadership requires thick skin