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#ITENOLA2020 Leadership Series: Cindy Pionke, P.E.

By Mr. Ransford McCourt P.E., PTOE posted 03-24-2020 04:53 PM


Cindy Pionke, P.E., is the Strategic Facilities Engineer/ADA 504 Coordinator for Knox County’s Department of Human Resources in Knoxville, TN, USA.

I first met Cindy at a Southern District meeting and she’s now serving as the District’s Vice President. I was immediately taken by her dedication to leadership, training, and development. She openly shares ideas of how we can help ITE members advance their careers in leadership. When the opportunity arises to speak with young people about transportation and advancing STEM interest, you can feel her passion and excitement. She truly cares about furthering our profession.

 Cindy has played a pivotal role in ITE for the Tennessee Section and Southern District over the past two decades. She’s been recognized for her distinguished service and outstanding commitment, and is the recipient of the Marble J. Hensley, John F. Exnicios, and Herman J. Hoose awards, all named on behalf of ITE legacy leaders.

Cindy has the experience that many of our members have had in transportation and planning, including travel demand modeling, planning for all modes, and prioritizing capital projects. She’s currently working on prioritizing capital projects to be implemented from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for all Knox County government departments. When she began her career nearly 30 years ago, the challenges of being a woman seeking leadership roles in transportation were different than they are today. Cindy faced this adversity with grace and professionalism. It’s been a journey of leadership development where ITE has played a key role in her career advancement. As a LeadershipITE graduate, she used that experience to help the Southern District advance its leadership training for agencies and members. When you come to New Orleans in August, I’m certain Cindy would be happy to chat with you on how this experience has benefited her work.