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ITE Releases What a Transportation Professional Needs to Know about Counts and Studies during a Pandemic

By Ms. Pamela Goodell posted 07-29-2020 08:07 PM


Over the past four months, typical transportation activities have changed significantly with the COVID-19 pandemic. Events that impact transportation are not that uncommon; from solar eclipses to Super Bowls. However, this event is unprecedented in its global reach, its unknown duration, and the fact that “normal” is unlikely to return after the event. We have already witnessed altered home and work environments, travel patterns, and unprecedented reductions in congestion. As the pandemic transitions from outbreak to management, some of these changes are returning to normal while others are establishing a “new” normal. The roadmap into the future involves us all.

ITE is pleased to announce the release of What a Transportation Professional Needs to Know about Counts and Studies during a Pandemic. This publication reflects the findings and guidance of a Task Force formed in May 2020 to address various questions the transportation profession is facing regarding the management of collecting traffic data during the pandemic and into the future. In particular, there is guidance on the types of questions, issues, and decisions they will have to make regarding traffic counting in the fluid and dynamic circumstances of the current pandemic (or other future unusual circumstances).

This publication is available electronically at no cost to ITE members and for $50 for non-members. It can be purchased here.