Sustainability Standing Committee

Sustainable Transportation Tour of Pasadena & Los Angeles Best Practices

By Mr. John Lower posted 03-02-2012 06:27 PM


California's mandated Sustainable Community Strategies (SCS) will be presented Monday 3/5, with focus on the Best Practices of Transportation Management & Operations for sustainable communities.  From 10:30 - noon a slate of excellent speakers will 1) overview the SCS legislative requirements (which are being viewed as a template for implementation in other states); and 2) give "teaser" presentations on their transportation contributions to sustainability. 

After lunch, tour participants will meet for a "hands-on" tour and see and hear more details on the Best Practices.  We will see and hear:

  • Pedestrian and transit amenities, & TOD built around Gold Line light rail stations. 
  • Los Angeles Union Station, the regional transportation hub to over 100,000 daily commuters, and planned TOD around this historic station.
  • Smart Park use of ITS for dynamic setting of parking fees around the Staples Center.
  • Adaptive traffic signal timing and bus rapid transit signal operations.

Thanks to METRO for providing free one-day transit passes for the maximum 50 tour participants.




01-08-2013 10:14 PM

Hello John, was eagerly waiting for any update! Please spare some time to en-light us with your experience there..

03-05-2012 01:19 PM

John, please let us know how the tour goes. For those of you on the tour, please share your thoughts and pictures here online!