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ITE Inaugural 'Recognize' Initiative: People doing great things

By Ms. Jennifer Pangborn AICP, PTP posted 03-31-2015 10:05 AM


The Transportation Planning Council (TPC) is launching our inaugural monthly ‘Recognize’ Initiative.  Each month we intend to feature a project/plan/policy/people (4-Ps) which we believe showcases great planning and includes references and resources for our planning members.  These 4-Ps as we call them, revolve around current transportation issues in our industry and we hope will give our members examples, resources, or guidance in their own communities.

If you are interested in submitting one of your 4-Ps (project or plan or policy or people), please email me at or through the itecommunity.  We truly want this effort and monthly recognition to build up a library of data for our members.  So please think of a great 4-P you might have worked on in your community and submit it to potentially be next month’s ‘Recognize’.



Our first example is the Kansas City Streetcar project in Kansas City, MO.  This project is currently under construction and planned for completion in early 2016.  This starter line connects the River Market to Crown Center and Union Station and will serve the central business district, the Crossroads Art District, and the Power Light District, as well as numerous other businesses, restaurants, art galleries, educational facilities and resident. 

The process for this project dates back a couple years to when the city approved plans and funding for the initial 2-mile line in December 2012.  In order to gain this funding, a special assessment and one-cent sales tax was approved by the voters in 2012.  This process entailed unique city involvement and the support was overwhelming.  A strong caveat for the support is the line will be free for users! 

Supporters pitched this project as not just a moving people initiative, but a growth vehicle for the neighborhoods and community.  There has been an extraordinary amount of private development occurring thus far before the line has been constructed, with over $1 billion of investment along the 2 mile segment.  This investment shows how the community has gathered behind this public transportation project and recognized how transit can rebuild communities and attract development.

The executive director, Tom Gerand, of the Kansas City Streetcar Authority, which was created to manage, operate, and maintain the streetcar, has worked closely with the City of Kansas City since the construction of the project to coordinate service and long-term management of this great streetcar line. 

For more information about the TDD, the streetcar authority, construction map, and more, please visit