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Farewells from Atlanta

By Mr. Gary Schatz P.E., PTOE, PTP posted 08-15-2012 07:31 AM

From all accounts ITE's Annual Meeting in Atlanta has been a great success!  Congratulations and many thanks to all who worked so hard both in front of and behind the scenes to make it so.  Those who could join us even during these challenging times are to be applauded, as well as those who supported them.  Also a special thanks to the organizers, facilitators and presenters of the various workshops and sessions as well as those who participated and brought fresh perspectives and ideas to the discussions.  That's what makes ITE such an invaluable asset to our profession!

I want to take time to thank others who worked so hard to make the Roundabout Committee meeting here a success.  To Hillary, Daniel, Mike, Rachel, Phil, and Joakim I offer my thanks and sincere appreciation.  Special thanks to Ed Stollof and Doug Noble.  Doug filled in for Ed and was actually able to channel Ed's spirit during the meetings....

Best regards and safe travels!