Seeking Jurors for 2017 HSIS Excellence in Highway Safety Data Award Student Research Paper Competition. Application Deadline: March 3

By Ms. Pamela Goodell posted 02-28-2017 09:43 AM


The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are jointly administering a student research paper competition known as the Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) Excellence in Highway Safety Data Award. We are currently seeking practicing transportation professionals or academicians interested in serving on the three-person jury to review student paper submissions. Familiarity with the structure and application of HSIS data or other safety data systems is helpful but not required in order to serve in this role.

Jurors receive a $500 honorarium.

Juror Selection and Responsibilities:

Who: ITE will select a panel of 3 transportation professionals/academicians to serve as the jury.

What: Jurors will review and provide comments on approximately 5 to 8 papers (each 2,500–5,000 words in length) based on the following criteria: (1) objective of paper and emphasis on safety, (2) importance of HSIS data to paper topic, (3) soundness of methodology, (4) analysis of HSIS data, and (5) discussion of results.

Where: The review process will use ITE’s online electronic review system.

Why: The objective of the HSIS student research paper competition is to promote the application and understanding of HSIS data in the collegiate setting to advance highway safety. 

When: The jury will be responsible for conducting their evaluation from approximately April 7th to April 28th 2017.

How to Apply:

Individuals wishing to be considered for the role of juror should submit a brief (one page maximum) statement of interest to Lisa Fontana Tierney at no later than Friday, March 3rd. Statements should include a brief summary of the individual’s professional and educational backgrounds along with a statement describing specific knowledge and use of safety data sets. Jury members will be notified of their selection no later than March 17th. Please use the subject header “HSIS Juror” with your submittal. Please note it may be necessary to recuse yourself from this role if it is determined that you are directly associated with an entrant or their university.

Additional Background Information

HSIS is a safety database that contains crash, roadway inventory, and traffic volume data for a select group of states and cities. HSIS is used in support of the FHWA safety research program and provides input for program policy decisions. FHWA also provides HSIS data to professionals conducting research under the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, universities, and others studying highway safety. The award is open to undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. students in a degree-granting program in the U.S. Additional information on this awards program can be found on the HSIS website at: