New Ways of Thinking:  January Brings a Focus on Leadership

By Ms. Pamela Goodell posted 01-05-2017 04:21 PM


The first issue of ITE Journal in 2017 is now available online and will soon be reaching your mailbox. The theme of this issue is “New Ways of Thinking.” In their respective columns, Shawn Leight, ITE’s new International President, and Jeffrey Paniati, ITE’s Executive Director and CEO, focus their comments on important aspects of leadership. Shawn acknowledges the leadership role many members have undertaken to make ITE successful while Jeff writes about the leadership role ITE is taking within the transportation profession.

Throughout January, ITE will focus on leadership. For instance, this weekend it is the first meeting of the new class of LeadershipITE (meet them on page 24). Also this month, the new International Board of Direction takes office. Check out page 8 to learn more about the individuals who shape ITE’s strategic direction.

But there will be more beyond what you will read in ITE Journal. On a daily basis, articles on leadership will tweeted out (follow us at @ITEHQ) using the hashtag #leadership. Blogs about leadership will appear in this space with the first one on different leadership styles scheduled for posting early next week.

ITE members are also demonstrating their leadership. Members of the Complete Streets Council organized a webinar series Protected Bikeway Design: An ITE Practitioners Guide & Lecture Series to address 5 important gaps not presently covered in bicycle infrastructure design guides would support their more widespread adoption. Shelley Row provides clarity on the physiology of the brain on motivation in her article “Flip the Switches in the Brain: 5 Ways to Motivate Your Team, Staff, or Client.” (member login required.)

As many of know, earlier in 2016 ITE submitted a letter to the Federal Highway Administration regarding the need to keep the MUTCD up-to-date in order to adapt more quickly within the changing transportation landscape. To demonstrate its commitment to keeping the transportation professional in the know on updated resources available relative to the MUTCD , ITE has developed a 3-part webinar Looking Beyond the 2009 Edition of the MUTCD: New Flexibilities for the Practitioner.

Welcome to 2017!