Transportation Safety Council Committed to Vision Zero

By Dr. Beverly T. Kuhn, P.E. posted 05-08-2017 05:48 PM

Are you a transportation professional who is passionate about safety?  Are you looking for resources that can help you do your job better and enhance the safety of your community and save lives?  Are you interested in being part of Vision Zero conversation going on within ITE?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I the Transportation Safety Council needs you!

The ITE Transportation Safety Council is one of the six technical councils available for participation by ITE members. These councils serve as forums for the discussion of the common interests as well as a vehicle for support of programs and projects that advance council members and the transportation profession.  The council covers a broad range of following transportation safety issues, including safety data, safety analysis, bicycle safety, older and younger driver initiatives, work zone safety, human factors, intersections, roadway departure and roadside safety, and many more.  The council’s newsletter provides valuable information to members on the latest reports, studies and research in the area of transportation safety. The council continues to lead ITE’s effort to emphasize safety through its continued sponsorship of work on the development of ITE programs, reports, recommended practices and standards. 

So what are the recent efforts of the Council?  The Council recently launched Safety Fundamentals:  A 9-Part ITE Learning Hub Webinar Series that highlights various aspects of road safety as part of ITE’s continued focus on Vision Zero and the goal to reduce and eventually eliminate fatalities. Presented by experts in their field, this series will have a topic appropriate for all levels. There is a suite of introductory webinars for those not familiar with road user safety as well as modules discussing safety evaluations and safety for all road users.  The Council was also instrumental in the development of the ITE Vision Zero Website and Safety Resources Toolbox.  The Safety Resources Toolbox is a collection of practice-ready resources intended to aid transportation professionals in managing their own safety planning and programming. These resources are all digitally accessible, and are curated from various organizations in the transportation profession in addition to ITE. Such items include technical reports, data analysis tools, on-demand webinars, and numerous other resources focused not just on Vision Zero, but also general safety improvement and countermeasure implementation.  The Toolbox is a dynamic resource, and will be updated regularly with new topics, resource links, and functionalities.  Users can search the toolbox based on source, mode, road safety pillar, global region, resource type, and safety topic.  There is a wealth of information available at your fingertips!

Do you have ideas and time to contribute?  The current chair of the Transportation Safety Council is Shauna Hallmark with Iowa State University.  The Council is always looking for new members and volunteers to lead new efforts to advance safety on our network.  If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved, let us know!